Weed Control

Basic strategies used to manage weeds are adapted and integrated to suit the different production systems. The overall aim is to develop a system that combines all of the appropriate weed control options.

Weed management systems employ combinations of physical, ecological, biological, chemical and genetic methods to obtain effective and economical weed control, with minimal effect on non-target species and the environment.

History has shown weed populations can adapt to weed management systems that rely on few or single control options. The continued development and adoption of weed management programs incorporating a diverse range of management methods, is essential for cropping systems to remain productive.

Weed control
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  • Weed management requires a combination of physical, ecological biological, chemical and genetic control methods
  • Herbicides for vegetable weed management are limited
  • Intensive horticulture in Australia needs to be proactive and seek new technologies from non-traditional sources
  • Research is delivering new weed managemen options for Australian vegetable growers.

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