Responsible Vegetable Production

is our industries own environmental management program.

The program was developed by the Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria, following
claims that vegetable production was a major polluter of waterways.

Growers wanted to show their concern for the environment and improve their production
systems to benefit of both the environment and the wider community.

EnviroVeg provides a practical and achievable way for vegetable growers to improve
their environmental performance.

The Enviroveg manual describes common vegetable
production practices and how to manage environmental risks.

A simple
checklist takes growers through nine elements of environmental management

A range of acceptable practices has been documented and growers receive
a score recognizing their environmentally responsible practices. Each
year, members aim to improve their score.

EnviroVeg ProgramEnviroVeg considers the management of
nine key areas.

  • Soil and Nutrients
  • Property and business
  • Water
    and waterway

  • Chemical use
  • Waste
  • Energy use
  • Pest and disease
  • Biodiversity
  • Air quality

The EnviroVeg newsletter identifies subsidies, grants and other funding available
to improve the environmental footprint of your farm.

was taken nationwide by AUSVEG in 2003 and remains
industry-owned and cost free to all levy-paying vegetable growers.

Benefits of the Enviroveg program:

  • Have your environmental practices recognised.
  • Horticulture_AustraliaDemonstrate that you are follow environmentally responsible practices.
  • Identify which of your farming practices already benefit the environment.
  • Share ideas on practices that may also save you time and money.
  • Identify subsidies, grants or funding for which you may be eligible.

Contact AUSVEG and join the EnviroVeg program NOW


Industry communication is facilitated by HAL in partnership with AUSVEG and is funded by the National Vegetable and Potato Levies.  The Australian Government provides matched funds for all HAL R&D activities.

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