Watsons Creek

Action on Watsons Creek

Watson Creek is set to benefit from a federal grant to improve
water quality. The grant recognises the recent agreement of all parties
to address the issues without pointing the finger of blame.

 Sensitive_Environment_Waterways - Watsons_CreekWatsons Creek has a history of nutrient and bacterial
troubles which pose a hazard to the Yaringa Marine National Park in Westernport

The grant will enable the communication of a shared understanding of
Watsons Creek’s environmental significance and encourage water
quality improvements throughout the catchment.

certified growers on Watsons Creek have reviewed their crop management and drainage systems to protect the creek.

Melbourne Water, Parks Victoria and Local Councils are also making
significant contributions to the Watsons Creek action plan.

With such good will and a little more rain,
the health of Watsons Creek is sure to improve.

For information contact:
Janet Borley, Project Officer,
Biosphere Foundation
(m) 0425 772 331
(e) janet@biosphere.org.au

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