Food Insecurity ? – A Growers Perspective

The supply of cheap nutritious vegetables is not a problem

  1. In the June 08 quarter, vegetable prices fell but input costs such as fertilizer, fuel and water, continue to skyrocket.
  2. Vegetable growers trade in a ‘free market’ where the market price is sometimes below the cost of production.
  3. Vegetable growers are squeezed between powerful retailers and a consolidated farm supply sector.

The challenge … to increase vegetable consumption

  • High value locally grown vegetables are readily available all year
  • There is not a problem on the supply side … we need to increase consumer demand for heathy food
  • Despite the ‘Go for Five promotion, the message is not getting through to consumers, especially the disadvantaged
  • Vegetables are not ‘sexy’
  • Health authorities need to work closely with the vegetable industry to promote cultural change in order to tackle the problem of growing obesity and declining community health

Source: Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Australian Bureau of Statistics

Ian James Industry Data Economic AnalysisIan James
Vegetable Industry Economist
Industry Data Economic Analysis

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