Locally Grown

Farmers Market We can all picture scenes of rural markets in Europe and Asia where local
growers sell their produce directly to the public.Farmers markets are
becoming ever more popular in Australia as people realize the great taste
of fresh produce and the value of local markets that lift community spirit.Those who enjoy good food can select from a wide range of seasonal produce,
some not commonly seen in supermarkets.

Health conscious consumers appreciate
the great flavour of freshly harvested vegetables and are keen to learn
more about how their food is grown.

Farmers markets strengthen the age-old bond between growers and consumers who
value the quality of really fresh produce.

The Pearcedale Farmers Market is a great success story and “great for
the local farmers”,
said local market gardener Shona Crawford, “… the
atmosphere of the market is really unique and being there among the farmers brought
back wonderful childhood memories of community togetherness …

Buying your food from a farmers’ market means that it is locally produced, and the money goes straight to the person who grew it.

Direct markets give farmers a decent income, encourage face-to-face interaction and build strong local communities

Find out more about Farmers
near to you and enjoy the fine flavour of fresh local produce.


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