VG04016 Celery leaf blight – Poster

The fungus Septoria apiicola is responsible for late blight in celery, and can cause losses of up to 90% without intensive calendar spraying.

This project has devised ways of controlling celery late blight with less spraying and so minimise the costs and hazard to users and the environment.


Dean Harapas

Liz Minchinton

Victor Galea

Deborah Partington

Elizabeth Ure

Fiona Thompson

VG04016 Celery Septoria leaf blight- Poster
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The researchers acknowledge the financial support for this project from Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL), AUSVEG, the Federal Government and the Department of Primary Industries, Primary Industries Research Victoria.

We would like to thank Tom Schreurs, Denise Harslett, and Alex Harslett for their help with the field trials, and Boomaroo Nurseries Pty Ltd for the celery seedlings.

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