Vegetable ApprenticesVegetable Growers are also finding it harder to attract and retain good staff.

It’s a common problem across all agricultural industries and is likely to worsen as the demand for good people increases.

So… how can we attract more young people into vegetable production and encourage them to stay ?

Anyone looking for outdoor work should seriously consider Production Horticulture.

There are great career prospects for skilled employees and subsidised training to help you succeed.

It makes good business sense to have a trainee or two on your staff:

  • Government incentives help employers take on vegetable apprentices.
  • Keen well trained staff will improve your business productivity.
  • Responsible skilled staff can share your day-to-day burdens allowing you more time to develop your business.

Several registered training providers are able to provide your staff with skills relevant to your business and the industry as a whole.

Certificate and Diploma courses with hands-on training, will help your staff become your most valuable business asset.


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Vegetable Training in Victoria

There are 6 levels of formal training in the vegetable industry :

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