Vegetable Training in Victoria

There are 6 levels of formal training in the vegetable industry :



Certificate I – Assistant Farmhand

Food safety and workplace safety training: work tasks can include: planting & harvesting crops, washing, grading and packing vegetable produce.

Certificate II – Farmhand

Experienced workers with additional skills in: tractors and equipment; crop irrigation, establishing and maintaining crops, protecting crops from weeds and pests.

Certificate III – Leading hand

Skilled worker responsibile for work teams involved with soil preparation, planting, crop maintenance, harvesting, packhouse or despatch.

Certificate IV – Supervisor

Supervisors are responsibile for co-ordinating several work teams involved in crop management & harvesting, crop nutrition programs, warehousing & logistics and operating within budget.

Diploma – Farm Manager

Farm Managers have significant responsibilities in growing/ harvesting/ planting programs and production plans; preparing and monitoring budget and financial reports; managing business operations.

Advanced Diploma – Business Manager

Business Managers responsibile for business planning, staffing, business resources & capital, product marketing and promotion.

Training Providers :

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