Farm Chemical User

Mixing chemicalPlant protection products have delivered great benefits to Victorian
vegetable growers but misuse of these products could cause problems with
neighbours, the environment, people and animal health and export

users of plant protection products in Australia must be able to demonstrate
they can use these products Safely and Effectively.  

A 2 day Farm
Chemical User Course provides this qualification.

In addition, Victorian growers require an Agricultural Chemical Users Permit
(ACUP), to purchase or apply ‘restricted use’ agricultural
chemical products.

All growers need to keep up to date with changes in legislation, labelling
and safe work practices and many QA auditors will ask growers to complete
a ½ day ‘refresher’ course every
5 years.

This training is available through many providers including,
DPI-Vic AGTRAIN, AusChem and local TAFE colleges.

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