Forklift Licence

forklift dangerA licence to perform high risk work is now required by people working
with plant and equipment considered to be high risk.

From 1 July 2008, all forklift operators working in primary production
and forestry operations will also require a Licence to Perform High Risk

To apply for a licence first time applicants should contact an authorised
license assessor to book in for an assessment.

Applicants who already hold a certificate of competency or “ticket” should
now register online to transfer to the new licence before their certificate
of competency expires.

Existing certificates are scheduled to expire
over a 5 year transition period, and you must transfer to the new licence
before your current certificate expires.

A licence will be issued for five years and is valid in every Australian
state and territory, enabling people to operate high risk equipment under
consistent standards everywhere in Australia.

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