Managing Salinity at Werribee South

The prolonged drought has resulted in significant reductions in irrigation water quality and supply and posed a major challenge to vegetable growers at Werribee South.

The key issue has been adapting to the saline recycled water supply. Growers have made significant changes to limit the effect of salt on the quality and yield of their crops.

EE Muir & Sons Werribee South store

The solutions include keeping the soil moist at all times and moving the salt below the root zone of the crop.

EE Muir & Sons offer a range of Calcium based fertilisers and soil conditioners that help displace the salt from the soil so the irrigation water can flush it past the root zone. Calcium is excellent for displacing salt from horticultural soils

Gypsum is an important though very slow acting source of soil Calcium and is used to limit the long term decline in soil structure caused by saline irrigation.

Campbells Saltero is a polymer product that helps breaks the Calcium bonds in gypsum, activating the calcium so it can improve salt affected soils much faster.

Campbells Calcium Nitrate is a very effective product for supplying both Calcium and nitrate to fast growing leafy vegetable crops.

Campbells Thiocal is used to supply Calcium to the crop when the leaf-sap test indicates nitrate is adequate. Excess Nitrogen fertiliser can reduce the shelf-life of leafy vegetables and encourage crop pests and diseases.

For further information regarding these products please visit E.E. Muir & Sons website at or phone 9931 2200

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