Schools on Farms

An AUSVEG VIC developed concept.

Schools on Farms

Schools on Farms
is an AUSVEG VIC developed concept.

AUSVEG VIC proudly partnered with industry groups to put together this incredibly successful pilot program. Students from two schools in Melbourne visited some of the city’s leading vegetable farms in late 2019. They then visited the supermarket and saw the product placed on the store’s shelf.

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Key Project Partners
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Schools on Farms 2019

The aims of the pilot program were to:
• Educate students by linking in with the curriculum through contextual learning.
• Introduce children to how vegetables are produced.
• Provide engagement with a new generation of home gardeners, meal preparers and shoppers.
• Promote healthy eating with younger generations.
• Promote community engagement with food producers.

Veggies in-focus for Victorian schoolchildren