VicRoads – Chain of Responsibility

The ‘Chain of Responsibility’ law aims to ensure that ALL who bear responsibility for conduct which affects compliance are also accountable for failures to comply.

This information is important for growers with heavy vehicles – over 12t GVM

The law means that if you use road transport as part of your business, you share responsibility for ensuring breaches of road laws do not occur.

So if a breach of road transport law occurs due to your action, inaction or demands, you may be legally accountable.

Put simply this means :

Control = Responsibility = Legal Liability

VIC ROADS - Chain of responsibility
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Driving hours regulations now contain serious offences for persons who require drivers to adhere to schedules, which would result in driving hours or speeding offences.

Consignors, Packers, Loaders, Drivers, Operators and Receivers are all bound by the chain of responsibility legislation.

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Transport Safety Services, VICROADS
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