Vital Vegetables

Key Points:

  1. “Vital Vegetables” is a collaborative project
    between Australia and New Zealand

  2. The project is researching and promoting the
    health benefits of vegetables and aims to:

    • Develop high value products for local and export markets
    • Develop new vegetable products that have specific health benefits
    • Supply consumer demand for healthy, fresh products
  3. High vegetable and fruit consumption
    is associated with lower levels of
    some cancers and heart disease

  4. In particular, vegetables such as
    broccoli, pak choi and water cress
    are associated with lower levels of
    some cancers

  5. The clearest results to date are that high levels of
    nitrogen fertiliser decrease the amount of healthy

  6. Selected
    broccoli varieties have 2 to 3½ times more ‘anti cancer’ compounds than other commercial

Matters of Facts #17 Vital Vegetables October 2004
No.17 download pdf 152kb

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