Farm Safety

Farms are inherently dangerous workplaces. Farmers and farm workers are more likely to be seriously injured or die at work than other Victorians. The farming industry employs about 3% of the Victorian workforce, however it accounts for approximately one-third of workplace deaths across the State.

WorkSafe VictoriaFarms are amongst the most dangerous workplaces in Victoria. The work is heavy and awkward, and it can involve working alone as well as long hours. Accident records show there is a high risk of death, injury or illness to workers and others on the property such as visitors and children.

Farm risks include tractors and their attachments (particularly power-driven attachments) which cause most of the deaths and severe injuries, however unguarded conveyors, farm machinery and all-terrain vehicles have also caused severe injuries.

The vast majority of injuries are less serious such as muscle strains from forceful or repetitive lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling.

Other dangers faced by farmers and farm workers include falls, slips and trips, lacerations, contact with electricity, depression, fatigue, sun exposure, noise, working in confined spaces and illnesses associated with chemical use.

The Horticultural Safety Guide has been developed to help improve Occupational Health and Safety on your property. the guide shows how you can control the hazards on your property and improve safety in your workplace.


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