Farm Safety update

Updated: 09/10/2009

A farm worker is recovering in hospital from serious injuries after he was run over by a tractor on a Werribee vegetable farm this morning.

Workers were planting broccoli seedlings on a platform at the back of the tractor.

The injured man was stacking empty seedling trays on the front of the moving tractor when he was run over. 

WorkSafe Victoria director, John Merritt, said the incident reinforced the need for farmers, labour hire firms and farm workers to make sure safe work standards were followed.

Inattention around powerful and unforgiving equipment can quickly lead to tragedy.

Farm employers and workers are encouraged to review their work practices as it is a lot better to identify and fix safety hazards before anyone is hurt.

Many vegetable growers will be eligible for a FREE workplace safety session.
An independant specialist can visit your workplace, help you identify any hazards and provide useful advice on possible solutions.

Source : WorkSafe – 9 October, 2009
              Werribee Banner – 14 October, 2009

Farm accident WorkSafe Victoria
  Media release – pdf 23kb  




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