Green Snail Alert

Updated: 15/10/2011

The declared exotic plant pest Green Snail has been detected in Victoria for the first time, near Cobram in the north of the state. The snail is native to southern Europe and north Africa.

Green snail can significantly damage a wide range of plants, including most leafy vegetables, cereal crops, lucerne, lupins, pasture grasses and native plants.

In Australia, the pest has previously established only near Perth in Western Australia, where it occurs in market gardens, suburban gardens and neighbouring bush areas.

Green Snail - a NEW pest in Victoria
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Green Snail – a NEW pest in Victoria

Current Situation

As a result of the green snail detection, quarantine restrictions have been imposed for interstate and intrastate movement of host materials sourced from within 25km of the initial detection.

Green snail host material includes:

  • cut flowers;
  • leafy vegetables;
  • cuttings;
  • nursery stock;
  • pasture grasses and fodder (including hay, straw, silage and chaff).

Intrastate quarantine restrictions have been developed for two areas.

Pest Quarantine Area the area within 2km of the initial green snail detection

Restricted Area the area within 25km of the initial green snail detection

Interstate authorities also have quarantine restrictions for green snail host material sourced from within 25km of a green snail detection.

Adult Green Snail

What does green snail look like?

Mature green snails have an olive-green shell and white flesh. They are generally smaller than the brown, common garden snail.

Like some other snails, it remains dormant through the summer in dry situations.

However, unlike other snails, it burrows into the soil before becoming dormant, which makes baiting ineffective during this time.

How does it spread?

Green snails spread through the movement of infested plant material eg. in hay bales, nursery stock or harvested vegetables.

It became established in the Perth metropolitan area in the 1980s, possibly introduced by an overseas traveller.

Who should I contact if I suspect a problem or see Green snails?

If you suspect you have found green snail,
please contact DPI immediately on 136 186

See Also : Green Snail – Victorian DPI website

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