Improving Vegetable Choices for Consumers

Updated: 28/06/2009

Monsanto and Dole Fresh Vegetables USA have agreed to develop and market an improved range of broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce and spinach varieties.

The two companies will pool their skills over the next five years, to bring new healthy and flavourful products to consumers.

Classical plant breeding techniques will be used to improve the nutrition, flavour, colour, taste, aroma and shelf life, of these vegetables … qualities that consumer are looking for.

Monsanto-Dole plant breeding and marketing

McKinna Strategic Insights websiteMelbourne based marketing strategist David McKinna, has called on Australian food producers to give consumers what they are asking for.

Vegetable sales in Australia are not matching population growth and market share is being lost to snack foods like muesli bars & yoghurt.

Some vegetable varieties grow well and look good, even after storage – but they don’t always taste as good as the consumer expects.

Another aspect is product awareness. Consumers sometimes buy the wrong product, cook it the wrong way and as a result, change to prepared products which offer a more consistent quality and taste.

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