Market goes to Epping

Updated: 24/07/2011

The State Government has announced the Melbourne Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market will move from Footscray Road to Epping by 2015.

Construction at the Epping site is well underway but the Government was considering whether to abandon the project and leave the market at Footscray Road.

The controversial Market relocation project has been under review
since January
with concerns over its commercial viability.

Taxpayers will face a $670m bill to move the wholesale fruit and veg market out of the city. The review found it would cost an additional $100 million to keep the market at Footscray Road.

Epping Market under construction
Construction at the Epping site is well underway

Growers and buyers have been uneasy about this proposal since it was first raised in 2002. The importance of the continuation of a well-resourced and accessible central market is critical for growers and their customers.

“We have constantly stated our preference that the existing market on Footscray Road be upgraded and retained. We must now ensure there is a smooth transition for all vegetable growers and buyers”,
said VGA-Vic President Luis Gazzola.

While the issue of business operating costs at Epping has still to be resolved, the Government has moved to offset higher rents by cutting tenant contributions to the cost of the new market.

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