MarketFresh Schools Program

Updated: 10/02/2010

Victorian school kids are learning more about fruit and vegetables through a program run by the Melbourne Market Authority.

MarketFresh Schools Program co-ordinator Sharyn Dunstan said the program gives children the confidence to try new fruits and vegetables and make learning about them fun.

The Program is designed to educate children about the importance of fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet and how fresh food is grown and distrbuted.

Market Fresh Schools Program

The MarketFresh Schools program aims to:

Introduce children to a range of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Increase awareness of the importance of eating fruit and vegetables daily.

Make learning about fruit and vegetables stimulating and fun.

Create opportunities for learning about nutrition in school and at home.

Give children the confidence to try a range of fruits and vegetables.

The Program hopes that by enjoying fresh and healthy foods the children will develop a life-long habit of enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

Feedback from students suggests that some vegetables are unknown to children.
They’ve never had celery or avocado at home before … but want Mum to get some !

Source:  Sandra Godwin, Weekly Times – 8 Feb 10

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