June 2011

In my summer report I wrote about the floods and of the many crop losses in our industry from all around eastern Australia.

It has been heartbreaking for many farmers and some are still recovering. We believe that most are back in business, growing more vegetables than ever.

Unfortunately, the markets are now oversupplied for most lines and consumers are buying less produce. Therefore, the demand from retailers has reduced and returns to growers have dropped.

Luis Gazzola – President, VGA-Victoria

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National Vegetable Expo 2011
The weather was kind and attendance at the field days strong, with over 1,000 attendees turning out to sample a selection of industry information, machinery products, seed displays and first-hand demonstrations.

As always, the Expo also provided valuable information for growers, in the form of presentations by industry researchers and specialists, and in further positive news for the event, the Expo committee have now confirmed that 2013 at Werribee will go ahead.

A number of local growers impressed by the event noted that the Expo was a one stop shop enabling growers to keep up with the latest products and farming trends …

AUSVEG Conference
The 2011 AUSVEG National Convention, Trade Show and Awards for Excellence was held at Brisbane’s Sebel-Citigate Hotel from 14 to 16 April.

The Convention attracted close to 1000 delegates from all parts of Australia including a number of growers and industry representatives from Victoria …

Award winners, included two from Victoria :

Women in Horticulture Award – Deborah Corrigan
Young Grower of the Year Award – Andrew Bulmer

Membership Services
We are pleased to welcome a new member to our VGA Vic team. Rod Hall commenced 9 June 2011 in the role of part-time Membership Services Officer. This role, in conjunction with our two IDOs is a further development by your Association in its representation of vegetable growers in Victoria.

Reducing Farm Injuries
Over the past few months, the VGA-Vic IDOs have been assisting Andrew Sullivan from the Victorian Farm Safety Centre, to identify practices that may lead to injuries from manual handling activities on farm …

Annual General Meeting 2011
Our AGM will be held on Friday 14 October, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Melbourne. We encourage all members to respond to the invitation to attend.

When you receive your nomination form, seriously consider how you can support your Association by putting your name forward for the position of President or Vice President or a member of the Executive Committee …

Healthy Soils – Field Day
The ‘Looking after your soil’ field day on the Mornington Peninsula focused on carbon and nitrogen management to increase profits and sustainability on farms.

The event was held at Russell Lamattina’s farm at Boneo on Thursday 26 May, 2011 …

Promoting Fresh Veg
The industry must take this downturn seriously and provide funding to effectively promote fresh vegetables. We need an industry levy to fund the promotion message that “Fresh is Healthy.”

We grow and harvest the best fresh vegetables in the nation and should be promoting for the benefit of all Australians …

Market Relocation
It is hoped that the State Government will soon make a decision regarding the future of the Melbourne Markets.

There is an urgent need to establish a new Market User Group to work with the Market Authority and State Government to ensure that Melbourne Markets operate in conjunction with sellers and buyers …

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee meets monthly to address industry concerns and hear speakers on a wide selection of industry developments and technologies.

The Committee consists of grower members, including a President, Vice President and Treasurer, and is appointed annually.

Nominations are called for in July each year and all members are encouraged to consider nominating for the Executive Committee …

VGA Website
Our VGA Vic website promotes the critical and often undervalued role of vegetable growers in their daily struggle to reliably produce the healthy food we all enjoy at our dinner tables.

The site regularly attracts over 3000 visitors each month. Searchable content has expanded to almost 2000 pages of interesting articles, over 300 R&D report summaries, as well as topical news and events …

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