Bill Bulmer joins VGA Executive

Lindenow grower Bill Bulmer was elected as a member of the VGA executive committee at the recent VGA Annual General Meeting.

Bill is a third generation Victorian vegetable farmer running the family business ‘Bulmer Farms Fresh Vegetables’.

They mainly supply the processing industry in Bairnsdale, Melbourne and Sydney and the Fresh Markets in Melbourne and Sydney.

“It is very important that the vegetable industry is rightly represented and receives its fare share of recognition.” said Bill.

I”ve become a VGA executive committee member to contribute to decisions and present a regional view to discussions. It is equally important that the interests and views of the East Gippsland vegetable growing region are represented,” said Bill.

Bill Bulmer joins VGA executive
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Bill is an active member of the vegetable industry and the local community, being past President and Life Member of the Lindenow Football and Netball clubs.

Bill is also a current member of the board of the East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority and the East Gippsland Food Cluster, bringing a range of skills and insights to the VGA executive committee.

This year ‘Bulmers Farm Fresh Vegetables’ have been nominated as finalists in the East Gippsland Business Awards.

On the farm, over the past few years ‘Bulmers Farm Fresh Vegetables’ have made substantial investments in water infrastructure, land holdings and modernising their processing/packing and storage facilities.

Bill believes that, “If you make investment on the farm you have to make time to protect that investment.’

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