Boomaroo Wins Farmer of the Year Award

Our congratulations go to VGA members Theo and Eric Jacometti for winning the Weekly Times “Farmer of the Year” award.

Eric, Michael and Theo Jacometti were growing vegetables in Werribee in 1985 when they saw an opportunity to supply quality seedlings, and so began Boomaroo Nurseries.

Now 25 years on, Boomaroo boasts 40,000m2 of glasshouses with 130 full-time staff. They produce more than 170 varieties of vegetables and potted flowers and supply around 300 million seedlings across Australia each year.

With their expansion into Queensland, there is no slowing down the brothers.

“I think this award is a testament to the fact we’re always developing and moving forward, you can’t stand still
or you won’t make it.”

– Eric Jacometti

Boomaroo Wins Farmer of the Year Award
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“Our industry is unique and full of opportunity. I believe that Australian growers have the opportunity to remain world leaders in our field and take our product to the world,” said Eric.

Eric is also a realist, recognizing that this will require hard work and a change within our industry. “Growers are industrious and resilient so I am sure we will succeed and prosper,” said Eric.

Theo and Eric Jacometti with Boomaroo staff
Theo and Eric Jacometti with Boomaroo staff

VGA-Victoria also thank Boomaroo for their valued support of the National Vegetable Expo, which will be held at Werribee on the 2-3rd May.

For more information contact :

Helena Whitman
VGA Executive Manager
0407 772 299

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