C-Calc for Healthy Soils

A computer-based tool is now available to assist growers estimate the amount of organic matter returned to the soil following different crop rotations and soil amendments.

Organic matter influences soil structure and crop health and the C-Calc program compares the benefits of different rotations over several seasons and can identify ways to maintain and improve soil structure.

C-Calc - Calculates Soil Organic Matter
Download 166kb

The C-Calc program calculates organic carbon inputs for each crop based on crop yields and the amount of residual organic matter left behind after harvest.

Different crops leave different amounts of organic matter in the soil after harvest. Leafy crops like Celery, Radish, or Spring Onion leave less organic matter behind than do Broccoli, Cauliflower or dedicated cover crops.

Rye-Corn Cover crop
Rye-Corn Cover crop ready to be worked in

“C-Calc is a practical tool that growers can use to see how different crop rotations affect the amount of organic matter stored in the soil”, said DPI-Vic researcher Nick O’Halloran.

Most soil additions decompose within a year, so it’s important to consider crop rotation practices over 10 years or more.

To find out more about C-Calc or for copy of the program contact your Industry Development Officer.

For more information contact your Industry Development Officers :

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