New Appointments at AUSVEG

AUSVEG is pleased to welcome Dr Jessica Lye on board as Biosecurity and Special Projects Officer and Scott Kwasny as Minor Use and Agronomy Coordinator.

New Ausveg Appointments
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Biosecurity and Special Projects Officer

Dr Lye comes to the role with strong academic credentials, having completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Genetics and Zoology, before undertaking Honours based research in Plant Biotechnology, and completing her PhD last year.

The AUSVEG Biosecurity and Special Projects Coordinator works in conjunction with AUSVEG Biosecurity Advisor, Dr Kevin Clayton-Greene, to coordinate the AUSVEG National Biosecurity Program.

The program has been designed to improve management of, and preparedness for, biosecurity risks in the vegetable and potato industries at the farm gate and industry levels.

This program is run in conjunction with Plant Health Australia.

Minor Use and Agronomy Coordinator

Scott Kwasny brings strong credentials to the role, having worked previously as a plant scientist with the CSIRO on the C4 rice project, working to transform the photosynthetic style of rice to produce high yields using less water and fertiliser.

An integral part of Scott’s role will be interacting with growers to discuss issues in disease, pest and weed management for vegetable crops grown in Australia.

Scott is the primary point of contact for any issues relating to chemicals, resistance and any newly-emerging issues and will be engaging growers in person and holding information sessions.

If you have questions regarding the:

AUSVEG National Biosecurity Program, or

AUSVEG Minor Use Awareness Program,

please contact: or call (03) 9882 0277

For more information contact :

Helena Whitman
VGA Executive Manager
0407 772 299

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