Parsley & Parsnip Workshop

A disease management workshop was held at Chisholm Institute of TAFE at Cranbourne on 2nd August 2012.

Researchers presented their latest findings to growers who are keen to reduce the yield and quality losses caused by root rot diseases in Parsley & Parsnip crops.

Parsley & Parsnip Workshop
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The workshop presentations included:

Jane Parker (QLD) – Practical Soil Health -conventional & organic.
Jane discussed the practical implications of changing from a conventional farming system to an organic farming system to produce organically grown herbs.

Dr Joanna Petkowski – Identifying Pythium and Itersonilia species.
This project used DNA technology to identify fungal species involved in parsley and parsnip root rot. Improved fungal identification will assist in further work to reduce the cost impact of these diseases to industry.

Dr Dolf deBoer – Disease Management.
Discussion of a range of field trials designed to evaluate the benefits of a range of fungicides, biocontrol agents and cultural methods, in the control of parsnip and parsley fungal diseases.

Dr Liz Minchinton – Parsley Project.
Liz provided a review of current research into the role of soil fungi in root rots and cankers of Parsley and Parsnip.

Vegetable growers and researchers discuss practical solutions to root rots
Vegetable growers and researchers discuss practical solutions to root rots

These advances were made possible through HAL R&D levy funding. Further research and field trials are needed to provide vegetable growers with better tools to combat these fungal diseases.

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