Rabobank Vegetable Growers Dinner

A group of 20 guests enjoyed a delightful meal at Beletti’s Restaurant in Dandenong. John McCormick Victorian Rural Manager from RaboBank introduced Marc Soccio RaboBank Economist who presented to the group “Industry Best Practices for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry”

Rabobank Dinner 2014
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It was evident from the detailed graphs that the younger generation of Australians were not consuming sufficient levels of fruit and vegetables.

It was noted that the 70 plus age group were the highest consumers of vegetables. As an example it was highlighted that single commodity bananas were enjoying a well detailed advertising campaign.

Advertising and promotion becomes more difficult with the wide variety of vegetables being grown.

There is a battle between retail grocery chains to increase consumer spending and unlocking the greater demand for fresh produce.

Rabobank Dinner 2014

Project Harvest compiled by Consultants Colmar Brunton, a project funded through the Vegetable Levy, was presented as a thoroughly detailed marketing report.

The audience questioned whether growers would actually read all of the lengthy report and if the content provided growers with information that was relevant to their individual needs.

In order to consume essential vitamins for health and wellbeing, consumers were turning to the substitution of vitamin pills for vegetables.

Marc Soccio, David Wallace and John McCormick
Marc Soccio, David Wallace and John McCormick

Celebrities were being used for promotion and it was noticed that fresh produce was always shown in the advertisements but never referred to as a healthier way of consuming the essential vitamins.

It was agreed that our industry needs a lobby group to ensure that vegetables remain a valued necessity when the consumer purchases fresh produce.

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