Safety near Channels

With summer holidays upon us, all parents are being urged by VGA Vic and Southern Rural Water to be as vigilant around channels and farm dams as they would be around roads and highways.

“Our channels are for water delivery only,” Edward Smith from Southern Rural Water said. “They are not safe locations to play or swim.

Safety near Channels
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Even if a channel is empty, it can fill quickly without warning when irrigation water is diverted into the system.”

“Irrigation water usually flows very quickly. There are also dangers lurking below the surface including pipes, siphons, rocks and debris.

“Irrigation channels are industrial work sites, not playgrounds.”

Similarly, farm dams can be hazardous for swimming, particularly for small children and visitors unaware of the risks. Farmsafe Australia says drowning accounts for around 35-40% of all child farm deaths.

Irrigation Channel near homes at Bacchus Marsh
Irrigation channels can be extremely dangerous
for children as well as animals

“The reality is all water on farms is dangerous, including channels, dams, tanks and troughs.”

The community is encouraged to swim at appropriate locations such as public pools, and to adopt safe swimming practices like not swimming alone or while intoxicated.

With many of our growers taking the opportunity to take a break with their children over the summer, VGA Vic hopes you all have a safe and happy summer holiday.

Please contact :
Southern Rural Water
on 1300 139 510

For more information contact :

Rod Hall
IDO – West
John Runting
IDO – East

0403 215 935

0417 356 364

Helena Whitman
VGA Executive Manager
0407 772 299

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