Workplace Safety – Mobile Phones & Devices

Mobile phones are an essential tool for vegetable businesses. However, electronic devices such as mobile phones and iPods, can be the source of serious distractions in the workplace.

Distractions which prevent staff from hearing warning signals, alarms or safety instructions have been the topic of recent discussions on workplace safety.

Recent discussions with Vegetable Growers about workplace safety have highlighted the efforts by some employers to restrict the use of mobile phones & other devices in the workplace.

Work Safety - Mobile Phones & other Devices
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Operators of mobile machinery need to be aware of what is going on around them at all times. Also, employees near machinery need to be aware and alert to its operation & movement at all times and be able to respond to verbal instructions and warnings.

Limitations on the use of mobile phones & other devices are set by individual businesses. These rules need to be documented in your staff induction program. The consequences of breaching work safety rules must be made clear and you need to be prepared to enforce them.

If you limit the use of mobile phones and other listening devices you are responsible providing a secure storage facility for those devices.

Your Induction Program should include:

  • RISKS associated with using these devices
  • ACCESS only during work breaks
  • SECURE storage facility for mobile devices
  • EXEMPTIONS for approved reasons
  • PROVIDE a contact for urgent matters

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