Clubroot factsheets

Clubroot Factsheets (2005, 10 pages), discuss important aspects of clubroot disease of brassicas and the range of control measures available.

Factsheets can be selected from the following list…

  1. Clubroot
    – an introduction

  2. Detection
    and Prediction
    (pdf 263k)

  3. Avoiding
    clubroot – Farm hygiene
    (pdf 218k)

  4. Managing
    isolated outbreaks
    (pdf 267k)

  5. Limes
    and liming
    (pdf 274k)

  6. Nutrient
    (pdf 253k)

  7. Chemical
    control of clubroot
    (pdf 242k)

  8. Strategic
    (pdf 271k)

  9. Strategic
    application – machinery
      (pdf 113k)

  10. Integrated
    control strategy

These factsheets were produced as part of R&D
levy funded project VG04014.

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