The R&D shop

The R&D Shop has been established for the benefit of vegetable
growers who fund the industry’s R&D program through the National
Vegetable Levy.The industry funded R&D projects produce a number of technology transfer
materials every year which are sent to levy paying vegetable

Research and Development Materials

A selection of these materials including booklets, DVD’s, CD-ROMs, manuals, videos, etc are available from this site.

1. Browse through these items and select any of the products which may benefit you.

2. Send us your request and we will arrange delivery of your selection.


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Horticulture Industry Network – HINThe Horticulture Industry Network has made it easy to search for information with web access to 15 Horticulture associations and… Go to article.

Sclerotina booklet“Biological Controls for Sclerotinia Diseases”
(2004, 15 pages), discusses the effectiveness of a range of… Go to article.

Clubroot factsheetsClubroot Factsheets (2005, 10 pages), discuss important aspects of clubroot disease of brassicas and the range of control measures… Go to article.

Brassica CD-ROMThe Brassica ICM CD-ROM contains useful information for everyone
involved in brassica vegetable production in Australia…. Go to article.

Bunching Vegetable HandbookThe guide to common diseases & disorders of bunching vegetables (2003, 58 pages) was produced by the R&D levy funded project… Go to article.

Western Flower Thrips CD-ROMThrips causing damage to crops is not new but Western Flower Thrips were only introduced to Australia in 1993.
Western flower… Go to article.

Food Safety ManualAustralians enjoy one of the safest food supplies in the world yet there have been occassions when fresh produce has been contaminated… Go to article.

Parsley HandbookThis “Guide to Common Diseases of Parsley” (2006,
46 pages), describes 18 parsley diseases
and disorders… Go to article.

Careers in HorticultureThe Careers Pathway Website and DVD gives everyone valuable information on the Horticulture industry and the opportunities it… Go to article.