Vegetable farming now requires management of the environment, people, and food safety as well as production processes.

Jobs can involve the latest machinery and technology with scope for introducing innovations into the industry.

Australia is recognised as a world leader in agricultural innovation and the vegetable industry is rapidly advancing with improvements in processes, technology and management.

The business of growing vegetables is now a modern and global career option at a time when increasing demand for food means greater demand for more effective and efficient vegetable production through better knowledge, science and management.

New technologies, sustainable growing techniques and latest production practices highlight how horticulture is big business with a broad array of jobs up for grabs.

The people profiled in these videos highlight the diverse range of job roles involved in the vegetable supply chain. Explore for yourself the opportunities associated with lifestyle, personal development and leadership offered by the industry.

This resource was developed in a levy funded project called – The Business of Vegetables – Career Resources for a rewarding career in the Australian Vegetable Industry.