COVID-Safe video series for Victorian seasonal workers

COVID-Safe video series

for Victorian vegetable farms

AUSVEG VIC is proud to present the COVID-Safe video series. This series is targeted towards Victorian horticultural businesses to provide their workforce to help educate and communicate COVID-Safe practices.

These videos have been produced by AUSVEG VIC and are proudly supported by the Victorian State Government.


The COVID-Safe video series has been translated in Khmer*, Vietnamese, Mandarin and Bislama. To access the translations for each video, select the play button, settings, 'subtitles/cc' and your preferred language.

*A Khmer voice-over playlist has been created and is available here.

Welcome to the AUSVEG VIC COVID-Safe video series

In this series we will cover the best practices to ensure you and your fellow workers are keeping each other safe from the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

Best Hygiene Practices: Keep clean and carry on

It’s very important when working both inside and outside of the workplace to maintain the highest level of hygiene. Some simple principles in the workplace will ensure you are protecting yourself and your co-workers from deadly viruses such as COVID-19.

Informational Sources: COVID-19 in Victoria

It can be hard to find the right services online or the right person to contact if you have any questions. This video in the COVID-Safe series will show you three resources which will help you to research COVID-19 and the current restrictions in place.

How Coronavirus Spreads: Spreading the word about coronavirus risks

The COVID-19 virus spreads from person to person in many different types of scenarios. The virus can be spread through coming in contact with another person (even 48 hours before they had symptoms).

Pandemic support options for workers: COVID-19 in Victoria

If you are feeling stressed or upset due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and being away from home, support is available.

Worker Safety – obligations: What YOU can do to remain safe

Your safety is important. There are a number of things you can do to help your employers and fellow employees to stay safe from COVID-19 and other viruses.