The VegNET project aims to build regional capacity of the vegetable industry by providing research and development (R&D) extension services, products and communication nationally, by region.

The key objectives of the project are:

  • Improved capability of levy payers to adopt best management practices and new innovations arising from the improved extension of research outputs to address a geographically and culturally diverse vegetable industry
  • Improved levy payer awareness and attribution of the vegetable levy investments.

This iteration (Phase 2) of the VegNET project builds upon the services provided through the previous VegNET Phase 1 VG15048 (2016 – 2019) and VegNET Phase 1 Extension VG18003 (2019 – March 2020) investments. These projects provided extension services to the Victoria vegetable industry in the three regions related to farm productivity, resource use, business management, markets and consumers and technology.

Importantly, Phase 2 has an increased focus on grower and industry stakeholder engagement as well improved linkages between growers and researchers as part of its co-innovation model.

Get in touch with the Victoria (South-East, West and Northern regions) Regional Development Officer (RDO), Hugh Wardle, at & 0427 109 057