Your monthly newsletter has arrived!  Gippsland is a fabulous place to live and work.  There are 2,500 agribusinesses.  Food & fibre account for almost half the economy of the region, valued at $7bn, and vegetable production is an important and growing part of it!  It’s all about doing what we do, better.  Keep this eNews relevant with feedback to the Industry Development Officer, Shayne Hyman. 


Gippsland vegetable growers continue to work closely with CSIRO to increase the value from broccoli and carrots lost to the consumer for cosmetic or quality reasons. Senior Scientist, Dr DanYang Ying (pictured) supervises the extrusion of carrot at a demonstration of extrusion technology on 21 September at Bonaccord, Walpa.  Growers of broccoli and/or carrot were present.  Tim Weight, Deputy Chair RDA Gippsland welcomed the CSIRO scientists to Gippsland.

The extruded vegetables can be used as a culinary ingredients, in soup premixes or added to a normal meal to increase vegetable intake (as is popular overseas).  There are no additives and 100g of extruded broccoli contains almost 30g of protein. 

Also pictured are shelf stable, nutritious, ready-to-eat snacks made from carrot (20%).   


Bringing New Product Ideas to Life workshop

The Food Innovation Centre @ Monash workshop facilitators, Angeline Achariya  and Nick Booker, lead participants including growers from East Gippsland and Wellington Shires through knowledge mapping, product development and launch planning on 19 September in Sale.  The pace was brisk and activities were interactive.

Katy Radic of Meristem shared one of her exciting, new products, Calendula Petals (pictured).

Sorry you missed it ???

You’re in luck … Emma Orgill, East Gippsland Women in Agriculture has teamed up with East Gippsland Food Cluster to host another workshop in Bairnsdale on Tuesday 21 November (National Agriculture Day) & it’s free!  Call Emma today on 5154 2867 to save your place.

‘Gippsland Women in Horticulture – Water, Waste & Wellness’ You are invited to attend the conference at DEDJTR Ellinbank on Thursday 23 November 2017 from 10:00am – 3:00pm

Details of speakers, sponsors, special interest group workshops to follow.

Last Call

Feedback closes on Monday 16 October so don’t delay your say.

Hort Code of Conduct

Gazzola Farms, Somerville, hosted a workshop (pictured) on Friday 6 October to assist growers with the changes in the Code.  Unlike its predecessor, the ACCC is responsible for ensuring compliance. Call 0417 330 081 to get your information pack.

The Gippsland region vegetable capacity building project (VegNET) is proudly being delivered by the East Gippsland Food Cluster and funded by Hort Innovation using vegetable levies and funds from the Australian Government. For more information go to

The project is delivered by the East Gippsland Food Cluster.  The Cluster’s value are:  Collaboration, Innovation, Excellence, Sustainability, & a Fair Go.  Find out more about the Cluster at

This project is all about increasing productivity and profitability for vegetable growers through the adoption of R&D, and, better communication all round.