Wild radish is a notable weed in all forms of cultivation where it occurs, including vegetables (Figure 2). It is particularly noted for its competitiveness with crops for light, space, water and nutrients. Extensive spread of wild radish across much of the temperate world has resulted in it becoming a common weed of cultivation in Europe, South Africa, much of North America, temperate regions of South America, as well as New Zealand and Australia. It is particularly important for its impact within winter crops, and around the world has been noted as a weed of beans, cabbage, onions, peas, potatoes, and a variety of other unspecified vegetable crops given its ubiquitous nature.

Through the VG15070 project, ‘A strategic approach to weed management for the Australian vegetable industry‘, theĀ  University of New England team has published the below guide below, a management guide for the weed species wild radish in vegetable crops.