Local Vegetable Growers

Did you know Victorian vegetable growers produce more than …

50 different vegetable crops

From artichoke to zucchini, Victorian vegetable growers produce an abundant variety of healthy foods for us to enjoy.

You can make a difference to the future of Victorian vegetable growers by buying fresh Victorian produce whenever possible.

Take a few moments to explore your local vegetable growers websites.

Find out about how your food is grown and meet the people who grow it the best.

Ask your Grocer about Victorian grown vegetables. You’ll find that the best quality and freshness comes straight from your local growers.

Victorian Vegetable Growers

Know where your food comes from
Support your local vegetable growers

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Lamattina Family Story

Tina Lamattina was once an aspiring medical student – now she is ensuring Australians have access to healthy fresh food, and… Go to article.

Coolibah Herbs

Passionate about our business
Coolibah Herbs supplies washed and ready to eat salad, salad meals and premium prepared produce… Go to article.

Phillip Cochrane – Young Grower

Young Grower, Phillip Cochrane was built for life on the land.
The fourth generation grower offers a unique insight into the… Go to article.

Rita & Tony Farranda

Source: Tony Fawcett , Weekly Times Farm Magazine – 3 November 2010
GLOBE artichokes arrived in Australia with the First Fleet… Go to article.

Ross and Colleen Arnott

FROM planting their first trial 12 years ago, Ross and Colleen Arnott have become the largest shallot producers in Australia.
Their… Go to article.

Peter Schreurs & Sons

Peter Schreurs & Sons operate their family business on 200ha at Devon
Meadows, 50km SE of Melbourne.

Lines… Go to article.

Gazzola Farms

Gazzola Farms operate their family business from properties at Somerville and
Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula, SE of… Go to article.

Favero Gardens

Favero Gardens operate their 200+ ha family business at Cranbourne,
40km SE of Melbourne.

With over 60… Go to article.

Covino Farms

The Covino family are one of the largest producers of carrots, salads and broccoli in Australia.
Covino farms are based… Go to article.

BM Fresh / Tripod Farms

Tripod Farmers started as a small family run business in 1989 by 3rd generation farmers Frank, Joe, Angela and Carmel Ruffo. Beginning… Go to article.

Fresh Select

From summertime salads and hearty winter soups, to creative club sandwiches and gourmet vegetable gratin – whatever you… Go to article.

Lamattina Group

The Lamattina Group is an icon in Australian fresh produce industry.

Operating over 3200ha at Robinvale and 400ha… Go to article.

Kelly Brothers

The Kelly Family have been growing vegetables in Australia for approximately 150 years, after migrating from Ireland. The original… Go to article.

Butler Market Gardens new

Butler Market Gardens (BMG) are a 6th generation family owned and operated business based at Heatherton, 25km SE of Melbourne…. Go to article.

Corrigan Produce & Marketing

The Corrigan family have been growing vegetables for more than 75 years.
Today, the tradition continues with Deborah,… Go to article.

Ladybird Organics

Ladybird Organics are a third-generation family business that has been market gardening in Melbourne’s Keilor Valley since… Go to article.