Vegetable Exports

The Australian Vegetable Industry :

  1. Australia’s fourth largest agriculture industry with annual production valued at $2.83 billion .
  2. 40% bigger than the wool and lamb industries,
    – More than double the size of the wine and poultry industries,
    – Almost triple the size of the sugar and cotton industries.
  3. Approximately 6,500 growers, mainly family owned and operated, but numbers are declining.
  4. Queensland (33%) and Victoria (22%), produce over half the national crop by value.
  5. Tasmanian producers are are structured to supply vegetables for processing.
  6. Western Australian growers have stronger vegetable export markets than the other States.

The Australian vegetable industry is domestically focused, unlike most other agricultural industries.

Australian major crop exports
Source: Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics; Australian Bureau of Statistics

Ian James Industry Data Economic Analysis“Food for All”
Learning from the Field Forum,
August 1, 2008

Ian James
Vegetable Industry Economist
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