Managing industrial waste  

Businesses that generate industrial waste need to understand the duties that apply to them.

Managing industrial waste – your duties as a waste producer (publication 1990) outlines the waste duties that apply to businesses producing different types of industrial waste (industrial, priority and reportable priority). It supports an understanding of what reasonable steps are expected to be taken to comply with the duties. The new guideline supports existing guidance on classifying industrial waste, and how to establish lawful place.


Potentially contaminated land 

Potentially contaminated land – a guide for business (publication 2010) is an introductory guide for small to medium-sized businesses that have no, or limited, technical experience in managing contaminated land. The guideline provides an overview of the contaminated land duties and high-level information to support businesses understand the steps they should take to satisfy themselves as to whether their land may or may not be potentially contaminated, and what to do if it is.


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